Lisa Gray

Things I have to offer

Legal services . . . including

legal advice
drafting legal documents
legal research
drafting or interpreting contracts
problem solving negotiation
court hearings
legal coaching
insurance claims
insurance policy analysis
family law matters
real estate matters
small business matters
matters in many other areas of law

Writing (any type including creative)
Teaching (law, writing, analysis, negotiation, English, communications, drama)
Graphic design

Designing forms for managing life
establishing goals & priorities
tracking multiple projects/goals
tracking kids' activities
managing time
making decisions
researching topics

Public speaking (legal topics, writing, analysis, negotiation, communication)

Problem solving
Furniture (couches, kitchen table, book cases)

Things I Need

Healthy home-cooked meals
Internet service at my house
House cleaning
Yard work or gardening
House repairs
Electrical work at my house
Dishwasher repair
Windshield replacement
Repair of car window that won't stay up
Jumpstart car battery and make sure it will stay charged
Sprinkler system repair
Chiropractic adjustments
Therapeutic back/neck massage
Occasional errands
Scanning of documents
Secretarial work
Legal assistant work
Collections work
Laptop computer
Desktop computer for use at home
3-ring notebooks (empty) (used ok)
Filing cabinets
Book cases

by Lisa Gray
Attorney at Law
Business Owner
Single Mother of 2 children
801-879-6229 cell phone
4500 South 1300 East area, SLC