Sarah Guinn

What I bring to the table:

Visionary/ Foresight Developer

Feng Shui- assessing the energy's of spaces, homes, businesses and then telling you to elements, colors and adjustments
to bring in to magnetize what you want to the space. Its making your intention visible and the space work for you.

Concept Design

Drawing Designs and Patterns ( by hand)

Good at promoting and spreading the word about cool ideas and things people and businesses are doing. I like to help build community and the village heart center.
I bring "quiet enthusiasm and industry to projects that are part of my vision".

Intuitive Soul Reader. Confused about something in your life that has you stuck? I may be able to see something that will help clear your confusion.

House sitter/ Dog sitter/ Pet sitter.

Tai Chi

What I need:


Website made for selling a product

Creative Job working with nice people-- I have a very good eye/ can assess trends and can assist on creative projects of all types

To learn about buying a low income home

Very affordable living situation -- long term house sitting or situation with very low rent

Learn simple and effective ways to understand money and generate money

Email: sjguinn@hotmail.com