Sarah Guinn

What I bring to the table:

Visionary/ Foresight Developer

Feng Shui- assessing the energy's of spaces, homes, businesses and then telling you to elements, colors and adjustments
to bring in to magnetize what you want to the space. Its making your intention visible and the space work for you.

Concept Design

Drawing Designs and Patterns ( by hand)

Good at promoting and spreading the word about cool ideas and things people and businesses are doing. I like to help build community and the village heart center.
I bring "quiet enthusiasm and industry to projects that are part of my vision".

Intuitive Soul Reader. Confused about something in your life that has you stuck? I may be able to see something that will help clear your confusion.

House sitter/ Dog sitter/ Pet sitter.

Tai Chi

What I need:


Website made for selling a product

Creative Job working with nice people-- I have a very good eye/ can assess trends and can assist on creative projects of all types

To learn about buying a low income home

Very affordable living situation -- long term house sitting or situation with very low rent

Learn simple and effective ways to understand money and generate money

Email: sjguinn@hotmail.com



Things I have to offer:

Light maintenance work
labor, handy man work

Things I need:

Concrete Pad
Sandstone mortar work



Lisa Gray

Things I have to offer

Legal services . . . including

legal advice
drafting legal documents
legal research
drafting or interpreting contracts
problem solving negotiation
court hearings
legal coaching
insurance claims
insurance policy analysis
family law matters
real estate matters
small business matters
matters in many other areas of law

Writing (any type including creative)
Teaching (law, writing, analysis, negotiation, English, communications, drama)
Graphic design

Designing forms for managing life
establishing goals & priorities
tracking multiple projects/goals
tracking kids' activities
managing time
making decisions
researching topics

Public speaking (legal topics, writing, analysis, negotiation, communication)

Problem solving
Furniture (couches, kitchen table, book cases)

Things I Need

Healthy home-cooked meals
Internet service at my house
House cleaning
Yard work or gardening
House repairs
Electrical work at my house
Dishwasher repair
Windshield replacement
Repair of car window that won't stay up
Jumpstart car battery and make sure it will stay charged
Sprinkler system repair
Chiropractic adjustments
Therapeutic back/neck massage
Occasional errands
Scanning of documents
Secretarial work
Legal assistant work
Collections work
Laptop computer
Desktop computer for use at home
3-ring notebooks (empty) (used ok)
Filing cabinets
Book cases

by Lisa Gray
Attorney at Law
Business Owner
Single Mother of 2 children
801-879-6229 cell phone
4500 South 1300 East area, SLC


Sheryl McGlochlin

Things I have to offer:

Camping Equipment
Camping Trips
Cross Country Skiing Instruction
Cross Country Skiing Guide
Downhill Skiing Guide
Snowboarding Instruction
Hiking Guide
Hiking Pass
Snowshoeing Pass
Hooping Classes
A personalized Hula Hoop
Flat Water Kayaking Outing & Guide
Flat Water Kayak Instruction
Flat Water Kayaks provided
Water Skiing Outing (boat included)
Wakeboarding Lessons (Wakeboard provided)
Long Board Paddling Instruction
Long Board and Paddle provided
Mini Utah Weekend Vacation (includes food and campsite)
3 and 4 day Outdoor Adventure Trips
Outdoor Photography Instruction
Paddle Surfing Lessons
Snowshoe Rentals
Zipfy Sledding Tour Guide w/ Lessons and Rentals
Dutch Oven Cooking Class with a Dinner
Gardening Classes and Workshops
Indoor Cooking Classes
Fresh Organic Local Veggies from our Gardens
Fresh, Local Fruits from our Gardens and local neighbors
Food Pack - Enough Healthy Food to Feed a College Student for a month on $120
Food Pack - Enough Healthy Food to Feed TWO Adults for a month on $140
Food Pack - Enough Healthy Food to Feed a Family of Four for a month on $160
Monthly Provident Living Workshops (Provident Living means: How to spend less money while living a more abundant life)
Healthy, delicious dinners to feed a family of six
Sports photography lessons and workshops

Things I need:

I'll train for many of these things if someone has some basic skills
Cleaning home gutters
Painting interior rooms (bedrooms, bath, hallway and kitchen)
Promoting my activities, classes and products at local Universities
Promoting my activities, classes and products on Face Book, Craigslist, KSL
Promoting my activities, classes and products at Businesses with the HR departments
Selling used items on KSL.com Classifieds and Craigslist
Housecleaning services
Hooping Instructor and Assistants
Theatrical Storytelling Assistants
Feed a Family Class Instructors and Assistants
Housecleaning Services
Posting my photos and info on my Blogs
Running local errands
Working in our gardens (a wide variety of work)
Assembly work with my Feed a Family Track Packs
Writing and editing work (online)
Lawn mowing and yard care work
Assistance in making Hula hoops
Camping trip assistant
Garden Tour assistant
Loading videos on Youtube
Assist w/ making the videos to put on youtube
Hiking Tour Guide Assistants
Downhill Ski Guide and Instructor
Airline Tickets to Tucson
Filing and Secretarial Services
Dutch Oven Dinner Assistants
Working at the Farmer's Markets for us
Assist in updating my weekly Garden Newsletter
Assist in updating my Hiking Newsletter
Assist in updating my Feed a Family Newsletter
Watching for free stuff online from freecycle.com and KSL

email: sheryl@liveandthrive.com
Location: Holladay area, 3000 E 5000 S
cell: 801-278-5313


Karen Wilson

Things I have to offer:

I have 2 apple trees and 1 pear tree - they are loaded every year.
A decent size garden spot I could use help with.
I own a wheat grinder/juicer that people could use occasionally.
AutoCAD and Arcview skills.
2 strong sons in their 20s who could help with heavy lifting and computer programming and need something productive to do. Maybe I should ask them before I volunteer their services.

Things I need:

Garden tilling
Fruit tree pruning
Help with garden
Re-roof my detached garage

email: giskaren@yahoo.ca